About US

We believe that uniqueness is to be celebrated!

In Adorageek, we believe in the beauty of differences. And by understanding these differences, we realize that we are more alike than we are apart. This page will take you to a journey throughout the globe, understanding and celebrating different kinds of festivity in different cultures, religions and countries. From Ied al Fitri to Kwanzaa, from Rosh Hashanah to Diwali, and from Christmas to Dia de los Muertos, we like to sprinkle a little bit of cuteness and a lot of joy to each one of these special days. We also cherish the fantastical world of imagination. From the boy who lives to the King in the North, we celebrate the geeks and nerds in all of us too!

And here, you could also find printable freebies such as activity page, journal page, and many more, especially made for you to enjoy those festivities even more!

So, put on your top hat, strap on your jetpacks and let’s go on a ride with us, Adorageek. May the force be with you there and back again.


Who We Are

Adorageek is the brainchild of three sisters, Adora, Celly, and Uni-q.

ADORA, The Doodlebug

Adora Geek is an anthropologist who is living and breathing cuteness. As a researcher, travelling has become a significant part of her routine. From all of her exposure to the different parts of the world, witnessing how everyone practices their religions, cultures, and traditions in a unique way, Adora had a light bulb moment to bring Adorageek to life. She is the creative force behind the arts and the drawings in Adorageek world. If she is not having fun creating characters, creatures, or monsters from her shabby chic corner, Adora loves to play board games with her family and friends. Her board game library is spilling out of her living room, competing with her collection of illustrated children books and cute plushies.

CELLY, The Bookworm


Celly Bright proudly pronounces herself as a Bookworm, because being a Bookworm is awesome, right? By day she works as an engineer and by night she divides her time between being immersed in books and weaving words into tales of faraway kingdoms, fantastical creatures or alternate dimensions. Her passion for writing is just as much as her love for books. And not just books, she devours everything containing a good story, be it a movie, a poem, one of the board games from Adora’s library or Uni-Q’s collection of Korean drama. By delving into those stories, Celly learns to appreciate diversity and to integrate them into her writings. Now, she joins Adora and Uni-Q to celebrate differences and uniqueness by sharing her writings to the world.


UNI-Q, The Busybee


Uni Kyu, who signs off as Uni-Q, describes herself as a relationship engineer nerd who finds joy in building knowledge and creating wealth. Believing in the power of passionate community and what it can influence, Uni-Q co-build Adorageek to inspire a special community of people who finds beauty in differences. Combined with her fast experience in corporate world, she loves nurturing Adorageek into a tree of cultural knowledge. Uni-Q loves bringing people together to celebrate every aspect of life. Her house is an oasis for all her friends and family of four, filled with warm laughter, yummy foods she cooks, figurines she collects during her travels and tons of books. She is secretly in love with cute and sweet romance. So, don’t be surprised if you found her devouring Korean dramas or young-adult books in lightning speed.