All Hallow’s Eve


Do you know that Halloween is a contraction of All Hallow’s Evening, and also known as Allhalloween, All Hallow’s Eve, or All Saints’ Eve? Whichever the name used, it is celebrated on October 31st in both Western Christian countries and non Western Christian countries all over the world.

Pumpkin-01Halloween is the start of the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and the faithful departed. Some Christians commemorate Halloween by attending church services and lighting candles on the graves of the dead. But Halloween could also be enjoyed by many kind of activities, such as wearing costumes and going for trick-or-treat or attending Halloween costume parties; Decorating your house with jack-o’-lantern pumpkins and other scary decorations; Or lighting bonfires and having games such as apple bobbing or divination games. If you prefer scarier activities, you could visit haunted attractions, telling scary stories or watching horror movies with your friends.

Even if you do not celebrate Halloween, you could still share the spirit and the fun by giving sweets to those who come to your house and trick-or treating you. You could also sit by a bonfire with friends and share a scary story or two (maybe the one you experienced yourself!). Or even accompanying friends for a visit to the final resting place of their dead ones. For us, Adora would love to don cute monster costumes and go trick-or-treating until her bag is full of cookies, candies, or chocolates. Uni-Q would enjoy watching horror movies with her friends, during which she will not be scared because she will be busy watching her friends’ reaction to the movie! And Celly would spend the night immersed in horror books that she reverses specially for Halloween.


What about you? Tell us your favorite Halloween activity, or share your most memorable Halloween celebration. Need ideas on how to celebrate Halloween? Adorageek has the perfect solution for you! Just head to the Halloween Activity Page and see it for yourself!

Remember, enjoy Halloween in a spiritual or fun way, not by throwing nasty pranks to your neighbors or friends. Happy Halloween everyone!

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