Space, The Final Frontier

Planets-01Know the next lines of the quote, “Space, the final frontier”? Or ever wondered when the age of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will be upon us? Then you must be a science fiction fan! Gather up, cadets, as today on 2 January is the National Science Fiction Day in the United States!

Spaceships-01Science fiction, or often abbreviated as SF or sci-fi, is a genre of speculative fiction, commonly exploring themes of futuristic science and technology, space travel, extra terrestrial life, time travel, and parallel universes. Famous science fiction products are the Star Trek franchise, Dr. Who franchise, The Martian novel by Andy Weir, and Blade Runner 2049 movie. Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus novel by Mary Shelley is also an early example of sci-fi. Today sci-fi genre exists in almost all forms of media and entertainment. Many of Adora’s board games are sci-fi-themed, and also Uni-Q’s Korean dramas.

Window-012 January was chosen as National Science Fiction Day because it was Isaac Asimov’s birthday. He was well known for his works of sci-fi and popular science and he had wrote or edited hundreds of sci-fi books.

Alien-01Sci-fi fans celebrates this day by reading sci-fi literature, watching sci-fi movies, and even throwing out sci-fi-themed parties where they could dress up as their sci-fi characters.

Robot-01If you are not a sci-fi fan, you could still join the celebration by starting to read a sci-fi book or watch a sci-fi movie. If you know someone who is a sci-fi fan, today is the perfect day to give them the book, blu-ray, action figure, or board game they have been craving for.

How about you? Tell us your favorite National Science Fiction Day activity, or share your most memorable National Science Fiction Day celebration!

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