Flying High as A Kite

Kite 4-01Look! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is a kite!

The International Kite Festival, called Uttarayan, will be held on 14 January until 15 January at Ahmedabad, the Kite Capital of Gujarat, India. The festival of Uttarayan marks the Makara Sankranti, the day when winter begins to turn into summer according to the Indian calendar. Makara Sankranti is the most important harvest day in India, because it is the sign for farmers that the sun is back and harvest season is approaching.

The kite festival is a symbolism to show the awakening of the Gods from their deep sleep. The first International Kite Festival was first celebrated in 1989, and since then visitors from dozens of countries all across the globe have participated in the festival.

Kite 3-01

During the festival week, the markets in Ahmedabad will be crowded by kite buyers and sellers. Many Ahmedabad people are also starting to make their own kites at home, and sell them in small shops set up at their homes. Undhiyu (a mixed vegetable including yam and beans), sesame seed brittle, and Jalebi (a famous sweet snack) will be served. And during the festival itself, thousands upon thousands of colorful kite will be flown up in Ahmedabad’s sky.

Kite 1-01

If you are in Ahmedabad during the festival, make sure to head either to Sabarmati Riverfront or the Ahmedabad Police Stadium for the best places to enjoy the festival! Also spare some time to visit the Kite Museum at Sanskar Kendra in Paldi area of Ahmedabad. If you will not be at Ahmedabad on 14 January to 15 January, no worries. You could still join the festival by using the International Kite Festival Activity Page from Adorageek!

Kite 2-01

What about you? Tell us your favorite kite festival activity, or share your most memorable kite story!

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