Taiwanese Children’s Day

Children-01Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries. Although the calendar date is often different from one country to another, the spirit is the same, to celebrate children. In Taiwan, Children’s Day is celebrated on 4 April.

Taiwanese Children’s Day has been celebrated since 1931. The designation is according to Article 5 of the Order to Implement Commemoration Days and Holidays. Children’s Day is a public holiday in Taiwan, and on it, schools will often hold special activities.


This year, the Yunlin Children’s Concert was held at Nongbo Park, Taipei, to celebrate Children’s Day. There was a concert and giant kite performance while Taiwanese children have picnics with their faimilies in the park. By the end of the giant kite performance, candies were parachuted from the sky for the children to catch!


How about you? Tell us how Children’s Day is celebrated in your countries!

Happy Children’s Day to all children in the world!


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