All the Single People! All the Single People!

Mole-01Did not receive any chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Or did not receive any gift on White Day? If you are in South Korea, then you have the right to celebrate Black Day on 14 April!On Black Day, single South Koreans wear black-colored clothes and get together to eat black-colored food, especially Jajangmyeon, Korean noodles with black sauce. During the meal, the singles could complain about their lack of romantic relationship, chocolates or gifts. On Black Day, popular events are also held such as speed dating or Jajangmyeon-eating contest. Shops also offer discounts on their goods.


But Black Day is not a reason to mop all day just because you are single! It is a day to go out there meet all kinds of people whom you do not have the chance to meet before, even if you are not in South Korea. Who knows, maybe you could know someone who are perfectly happy being single. Or you could even meet your future romantic partner!

For those who already have a romantic partner, Black Day could also be used to appreciate your romantic partner. After all, without him or her, you could celebrate Black Day on your own!


How about you? Tell us your favorite Black Day activity, or share your most memorable Black Day celebration!

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