Snap and click!

World Photo Day 2018 Girl-01On 19 August we will celebrate World Photo Day! The World Photo Day commemorates the art and science of photography, and aim to create a positive change in the world through photography.

World Photo Day 2018 Dog-01World Photo Day was first created by an Australian photographer Korske Ara in 2009, to celebrate the anniversary of the first practical photographic process patent in 19 August 1839. On that day people are encouraged to pick up their camera and be inspired by other fellow photographers to take pictures and share them with the world. In 2016, World Photo Day has reached a global social audience of 500 million people around the world, inspiring photographers around the world to share their stories.


World Photo Day 2018 Camera-01World Photo Day is celebrated by, of course, taking photos! Grab your older camera, go out, and snap pictures upon pictures to your heart content. After that share them to your families, friends, anyone! You could also go on a trip with fellow photographers to places old and new to take photos. Or visit the nearest museum about photography.

World Photo Day 2018 Cat-01If you do not celebrate World Photo Day, or are not a photographer, World Photo Day is the perfect time to start to learn photography. Who knows, maybe you could find your true passion in it!

How about you? Tell us your favorite World Photo Day activity, or share your most memorable World Photo Day celebration!

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