A Note From Adorageek

It is almost unbelievable that Adorageek was started only 3 years ago, on 19 October 2017. At that time, Adorageek was only a humble project between three sisters, who wants to celebrate different kinds of festivity in different cultures, religions and countries, and also cherish the fantastical world of imagination.

Since then, many of you have supported Adorageek, so it can be the blog it is today. For that, we at Adorageek could not thank you enough.

However, with deep regret we would like to announce that Adorageek will be on hiatus starting 1 August 2020. In part, it is due to the current condition of Covid-19 spread, making us at Adorageek very cautious on sharing celebrations and festivities from around the world.

We at Adorageek do plan to get together again sometimes in the future. We love this project from the bottom of our hearts, and we want to see it takes wing again someday. Who knows, maybe we will plan something entirely different for all of you!

So, instead of saying goodbye, we will say, we will see you again!

With love,

Adora Geek, Uni-Q, and Celly Bright

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