Happy father’s day, Indonesia!

Daddy Frog-02

On 12 November, people in Indonesia are celebrating Father’s Day. This celebration was actually declared on 12 November 2006 by PPIP, a community of inter-religion communication, simultaneously in two cities, Solo in Central Java and Maumere in East Nusa Tenggara. The declaration was based on the fact that fathers also hold a vital role in building a family, and that parents are an inseparable unity, so if there is a Mother’s Day, there should also be a Father’s Day.

On the day, children in Indonesia will show their appreciation and affection toward their fathers by giving gifts, pampering their fathers by giving a free massage, shaving, washing the car, or helping their fathers finishing various tasks around the house such as cutting grass, repairing the furniture, etc. The day could also be celebrated in family activities that strengthen the family bonds.

Baby Frog-02

If one of your friends, neighbors or colleagues is a father who was born in Indonesia or of Indonesian descendant, you could also join the celebration by giving him a gift, or treat him for a lunch at his favorite restaurant. Ask him to share you the story of his family and even the most silent father will transform into an endless chatterbox. After all, which father would not be proud of his family?

What about you? Tell us your favorite Father’s Day activity, or share your most memorable Father’s Day celebration! For us, on Father’s Day, Uni-Q will arrange the liveliest party ever for Father, where Adora will give a gift to Father that contains a special family drawing of Father, Mother, Adora, Uni-Q, and Celly, and afterwards Celly will read out a poem she wrote specifically for Father.

Lotus leaf-02

Have a happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in Indonesia, and to all Indonesian fathers wherever you are!

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