Throw your bear a party!


Almost everyone knows what a Teddy Bear is. Some even still have one until today. But not many knows that 14 November is National American Teddy Bear Day.

The name “Teddy Bear” originated from the former United States President, Theodore Roosevelt. On Nov 1902, Roosevelt went on a bear hunting trip. After days of unsuccessful hunt, Roosevelt’s attendants tied an American black bear to a tree and suggested that Roosevelt shoot it. Roosevelt refused to do so and the event was made into a political cartoon in the newspaper. Morris Michtom, a store owner, was inspired by the cartoon and created a bear plush toy, which was named “Teddy’s Bear”. The plush toy became today’s Teddy Bear, and 14 November, the day Roosevelt refused to shoot the bear, was celebrated as National American Teddy Bear Day.

Teddy Bear Day is the day when we can show our thanks to the Teddy Bear for being such a special friend for us. People in the United States will celebrate the day by putting their Teddy Bears at the center of their attention. They will give the Teddy Bear a special treatment, such as a good washing or cute clothing, and will cuddle and hug the Teddy Bear all day. Some of them will take the Teddy Bear for a picnic or throw a party for the Teddy Bear.


Even if you do not celebrate the day, you could still join in the spirit by remembering your previous Teddy Bear (if you had one once) or by giving a Teddy Bear to a child. He or she will surely love the Teddy Bear and make him the center of their world!

What about you? Tell us the story of your special Teddy Bear or share your most memorable Teddy Bear Day!



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