Free Monthly Journal Page – June 2018

June is nearing and Adorageek already has something to enrich your days in the coming month! Below you could find a Monthly Journal Page, decorated with cute ice cream critters, for you to hang in your house, shop, office, anywhere! For June, we have a cute penguin, a koala, and a fresh lemon ice cream with citrus and whipped cream on top. Yum! To match it, we set the banner with the two critters musing over a journal. What do you think will be in their agenda this June?

There are two versions of the journal page. One is already colored by our most talented Adora, and the other is a black-and-white version of it that you can color to your heart content! Sneak peeks are available below!

Share with us what you do with the journal page!

June 2018 colored monthly journal page

Monthly Journal Page 2018 - June - Colored

June 2018 black-and-white monthly journal page

Monthly Journal Page 2018 - June - Black and White

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