Sister’s Day

Sister's Day 2018 Tulips-01

On 5 August 2018 sisters in the United States will celebrate National Sister’s Day! The National Sister’s Day is celebrated annually on the first Sunday of August. Sister’s Day is established to celebrate the bonds of love and friendship and the special relationship that only exists between sisters. Initially National Sister’s Day is established to acknowledge the relationship between biological sisters, but over the years, more and more people are celebrating “sister-like” relationships that may exist with their friends or coworkers.

Sister's Day 2018 Adora-01Sister’s Day is celebrated by giving gifts, cards, or flowers to sisters. Or by planning a special event or activity to be done with sisters. Some sisters will also go for a girl’s night out. Sorority houses also celebrate National Sister’s Day to appreciate the special bonds that exist between sorority sisters, by holding sister-themed events and other celebrations that remind them how important their sisters are to them.

Sister's Day 2018 Uni-q-01Even if you do not have any sister, or do not celebrate National Sister’s Day, you could still share the spirit by having a girl’s day out or a girl’s night out with your friends or colleagues. Who knows, maybe some of you will grow a bond as strong as a sister bond!

Sister's Day 2018 CellyFor this year’s National Sister’s Day, Adora, Celly and Uni-Q has planned a special girl’s day out. First they will go to their favorite bookstore to get a book or two (or five, in Celly’s case). Next they will visit the newest Escape Room in town and have a blast there, followed by a nice high tea at their favorite cafe. Afterwards they will play the newest board game from Adora’s collection (the coolest one yet! Adora said) and finally wind down by watching together the latest romance movie (guaranteed to melt your heart! said Uni-Q).

What about you? Tell us your favorite National Sister’s Day activity, or share your most memorable National Sister’s Day celebration!

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