Australia’s Picnic Day


Picnic Day 2018 Picnic-01Do you know that in the Northern Territory of Australia, a public holiday takes place every year on the first Monday of August? It is called Picnic Day, and this year, Australia’s Picnic Day takes place on 6 August 2018!

Picnic Day 2018 Mom-01The date of the first Picnic Day is not known, but it is recorded that Picnic Day has been observed since the late 1800s. Picnic Day is held at a variety of locations such as Adelaide River, Brunette Downs Station and Glencoe Paddock at differing times of year. A regular annual Union Picnic Day or Trade Picnic Day was observed at Adelaide River by railway employees working on the North Australia Railway. And in Central Australia, The Hart Range Races was held during each Picnic Day long weekend. The races began in 1946, when three brothers Bennett, Qinton and Kil Webb from Mount Riddock Station raced stockman Jack Schaber and the regional policeman Senior Constable Bob Darken over a distance of about a mile to the Ulgarna Yards to determine who had the fastest horse.

People in the Northern Territory Australia enjoy Picnic Day by going on a short trip or relaxing at home. They also have picnic lunches at parks or other outdoor places. Sporting events, such as baseball and netball games, are also held on Picnic Day.

Picnic Day 2018 Boy-01If you are in the Northern Territory of Australia on 6 August 2018, you could head to Hart Ranges to join a sporting event featuring bull rides, a ute (utility truck) competition, children’s novelty events, whip cracking, lizard races, and a rural ball. Or join the traditional railway picnic at Adelaide River, which will feature tug-o-war games, sack and three-legged races, as well as egg and spoon races.

Have you joined an Australia’s Picnic Day? Share it with us!

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