Douze Points, The Netherlands!

Eurovison 2019 Duncan-01.pngAdorageek wants to wholeheartedly congratulate Duncan Laurence who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 representing the Netherlands! Adora attended the general rehearsal and witnessed first hand how amazing his performance was. Adora was beyond ecstatic when Duncan won the next day on the grand final!

Eurovision Song Contest, or simply called Eurovision, is a TV song competition that has been running since 1956. It is the longest-running annual international TV song competition where member countries of the European Broadcast Union send their representatives to sing an original song.

Eurovison 2019 Logo-01Each country will then vote their favorite, excluding the performer from their own, and the total scores determine who win the competition that year. Duncan came first, scoring a total of 492 points. Mahmood from Italy with his wonderful song Soldi came second and Sergey Lazarev from Russia finished third.

This year competition was held in Tel Aviv because Neta Barzilai from Israel won last year. Following tradition, the winner of last year’s competition hosts the year after. This means next year, The Netherlands will host. Adora and Uni-Q are already buzzing, Eurovision is coming home! They are thinking all kind of ways already to bring Celly over so all three of them can attend the final.

Did you watch the Eurovision this year? Did your favorite do well? Read more about Eurovision from Adorageek’s post last year where we feature Netta on the banner even before she won the most coveted prize! Who knows, maybe Adorageek will once again predict a winner next year!

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