Book of May – Song of the Swallows

Book May 2019 Swallows - Song of the Swallows-01Our book of May is Song of the Swallows! It is a book by Leo Politi. Published by Scribner, it was the recipient of the Caldecott Medal for illustration in 1950.

Book May 2019 Boy - Song of the Swallows-01-01The book tells the story of Juan, a boy who loves to wander the gardens of the mission, who are tended by Julian the gardener. The older man teaches the boy the song of the swallows, calling them by their Spanish name las golondrinas. Helping Julian in the gardens, and watching his beloved swallows, Juan learns about nature and the cycle of life. Julian also tells him a little of the history of the Spanish missionaries who built the mission with the help of the native people, and in return taught the Indians several skills, such as making shoes, or milling grain.

Book May 2019 Bushes - Song of the Swallows-01Song of the Swallows is a beautiful book that teaches children on living in harmony with nature and loving our surroundings and the things that make life beautiful.

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